Chai Bar Yotvata - Animal - יוטבתה - חי-בר

חי בר יטבתה צילם:שי קבסה

Recommended by: Yael Webb Parnes

There's a little zoo (Chai Bar) with all sorts of desert creatures right by the Makhtesh. It's quite small, but the animals are fascinating! Your kids will love it. 


 includes a safari part with local wild animals roaming free and a small mostly shady zoo with a selction of local animals in enclosurs. Nice way of seeing native animals and birds that are usually too secretive to see in the wild. At certain times of the day there are carnivore feedings you can watch.
You must go to Hai Bar Yotvata on your way in. We all loved the ostriches pecking at the car windows! Have fun!
- Check with them in advance and try to go when they feed the predators.
- rest stop and cafe is worth visiting for the ice cream, only available there,usually with interesting and unusual flavours. Little ones can enjoy sitting on the life size fiberglass cows.