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Israeli Air Force Museum

Israeli Air Force Museum
Recommended by: Lisa Isaacs
' Great place. Some of the planes can be climbed on and explored. A fabulous day out.'
The museum represents a huge collection of airplanes and helicopters, which were the parts of standard equipment of Israel Air Forces. There are also models from civil aviation of the country. Audiovisual representation about Israel Air Forces, exhibitions- “Roots of the Air Forces”, “1948 - takeoff permitted”, “Air Force commanders” and “Stay alive” - devoted to Israel Air Forces survive. On the museum’s central area placed more than 20 airplanes. Air-defense means are in separate zone. 


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                                          Israeli Air Force Museum

  • Clifton Flack August 2013

    Took the kids (6,6,4) to the IAF Airplane Museum near Beer Sheva on Friday morning... Excellent trip!! think Latrun tank museum but planes... highly recommended.
    HI. Has anyone been to the Airforce museum in Beer Sheva with kids ages 2 - 10. Is it appropriate for the kids?

    • Ruth Lyons Wellins there are a couple of planes to climb on and a small exhibit, and hundreds of planes in rows that you can look at, so not really tons of fun, unless you are a plane buff. It's more fun on chol hamoed when they have fly-bys and other activities.

      Shira Lewis Rosenfeld
       it was free on chol hamoed pesach. We went and my kids 2,4, and 6 enjoyed it. There is probably more time to sit on the planes and less lines on chanuka. There is fun stuff to do in the watchtower, especially for the older kids.
    • Jane Forness Olman it is probably better in cool weather. we went once when it was hot and it was excruciating.

    Brie Reich is it similar to latrun or is there more to do?

  • Deborah Chonin-Schwartzberg most of the planes are just for looking, there is a kids section, not like latrun where they can climb on most of the tanks

    Is the air force museum suitable for elderly and not so mobile grandparents? Will teens find it interesting? Are there places to sit down? Is it all outside? Is it shaded? Is it crowded on Hol Hamoed? And any other helpful info will be welcome, thanks.

    • Jane Forness Olman if it's hot, please don't do it. i remember it as one of my worst experiences in israel...
    Also, there is ICE cold water available, free, in the large lot where the planes are
    Ros Yakobovitz we went to Israeli air force museum in beer sheva. kids enjoyed it especially husband! we booked a free English tour which I highly recommend as it really made the trip more interesting

    • Rachel Levin Weinstein The one in Be'er Sheva I presume? If so, yes to all of the above...
    • Cindy Schwartz Kline Also to the crowded part? I'm worried about it being hot and my Mom not having a shady place to rest
    • Shem Tov It's actually outside of Be'er Sheva, like a 15 min drive away. Here is all the info you need, I wrote this after my trip there: http://www.touristisrael.com/israeli-air-force-museum/7879/
    • Shem Tov (also, some is shaded, the main exhibit is not, unless you stand/sit under the wings of a plane lol)
    • Cindy Schwartz Kline How much time should we give ourselves? Is there a place to have a picnic?
    • Shem Tov Try two/three hours assuming you look around at everything and take your time. Yes, there is open areas and I believe legit picnic areas as well, not 100% sure.
    • Cindy Schwartz Kline Thanks Shem Tov, I'd actually think I will call them to find out if they will have a kosher Sukka
    • Shem Tov I did it mid-summer, the heat was insane but it was an experience!
    • Jane Forness Olman there is very little shade. sooooooooooooo hot.
    • Shem Tov A dry heat :)

    • Nita Ozkatalan Kurrant Hi Cindy, we did it chol hamoed Pesach and it was hard to find places for the elderly to sit down in the shade, it was quite crowded. You do not feel the crowds going through the exhibits, since it is quite large but you do feel it when you look for a place to sit the whole clan. Our elderly and not so mobile grandparent decided to sit it out, since it was a bit overwhelming for her. The rest really enjoyed it.
    • Cindy Schwartz Kline Nita and Jane thank you for your comments. I think we may need to think of an alternative plan as this will probably not suit my Mom.
    • Liora Levy Sender There is a huge amount of walking and it is very hot and mostly out in the open with no shade. I did it early in a pregnancy and struggled badly. I agree it does not sound like agood plan for theless-mobile

      Tracy Zeit - We went to the airforce museum in beer sheva. There were tours in hebrew and English and a great air show. We really enjoyed it. And during pesach it's free!!!

      Kelli Brown We went yesterday and had a great time - def recommend it.