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Chai Hands On Goat Farm & Moshav Tour

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Recommended by Miriam Levy (more comments below):
    • we went today with a 5 yr old, 4 yr old, 2 yr old, and 6 month old and we all had a great time

Chai Hands on Goat Farm and Moshav Tour is a fun

 educational activity for all ages , which include Goat milking, Cheese making, Spinning and weaving raw sheeps wool to yarn, Batik nature picture (clay work for infants) and more! 

Guided tour to ancient olive and wine press and Live

 Carlebach music for groups over 15 people. Food options

 - Soup /pizza /falafel or bring a picnic. It's half way 

between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem - Carlebach Moshav - Mevo


To reserve a place  you must book: Judy 0544 283 646 or


Appointment only: Contact Judy 0544 283 646  to book your tour.

Your comments:

December 2014: We visited the Chai Farm in Mevo Modiim yesterday. It's a 2-3 hours tour with goat milking, cheese making, olive pressing and some crafts/art for kids. also cheese tasting. In the moshav, there's a small playground and lots of green to do a picknick afterwards, etc. The program was a bit too much sitting inside for my 3.5 year old who prefers to run around outside, but great activity for older kids (and adults)
June 2014 - Leiah Elbaum
Every spring we try to get to the Chai Farm in Mevo Modi'im for some goat milking, cheese making and fun. May-June there are usually some cute kids (as in baby goats) around, which when they are small enough sometimes you can even hold or feed a bottle too. Today in addition to the milking the kids got some hands on experience at goat herding too.
Judy's small farm also has assorted chickens, tropical birds and tortoises. There's plenty of shade with lots of lush fruit trees  in the yard such as olive, pomegranate, fig and lemon.
There is a comfortable air conditioned indoor area too, where you can do cheese making, craft projects or hold a private function. In addition to making some yummy cheese to take home Judy also serves a cheese tasting platter to nosh on at the end of the activity, and you can buy a selection of her delicious cheeses to take home with you or just enjoy on the spot.
Highly recommended fun activity for all ages, there is really something for everyone. It's also a good choice for a family outing with elderly relatives as there is plenty of room to sit in the shade or indoors and very little walking involved. There are a few stairs at the entrance but I think they can arrange for you to enter via the meadow at the back gate if stairs are a problem.
If you want to make a day of it there are other sites of interest on the moshav such as the beautiful hand painted shul, and next to the shul there is a nicely shaded playground. It's just down the road from Neot Kedumim too, so it's possible to do both in one day trip.
And finally one of my kids insists that I add a few words about the bathroom facilities - beautiful, clean and fancy, unlike many of the loos at more rustic locations 

Naomi Pelled -How much did Judy charge? A couple of years ago when I called she quoted one price and when I said that was too much especially as the adula were only there as chaperones, she quote a completely different amount.
Leiah Elbaum -I think it varies by the size of the group and which activities are included, tour, extra crafts etc.
Elana Gillis Schroeder -We went on Tuesday! Totally recommend it, it was amazing!
Elana Gillis Schroeder -We also made ice cream
Deborah Dickson -And a discount for loveloveisrael cardholders!
Peshie 'Ettinger' Rubin -Do you have to go as a group or it has hours its open?
Ayelet Trauring -Agree, very well put.
Jenny Wiater -We went about a month ago. All the kids really enjoyed it. And yes. Bathroom is very nice and clean
Miriam Ciner Friedman -Lia Veffer maybe a good activity with the fam?

Lia Veffer- yep
went to chai goat farm at mevo modiim on tue - brilliant day out! the kids 1.8-5 loved it - we milked goats, made the most delicious cheese, ground wheat, pressed olives and spun wool as well as some arts and crafts. Judy who runs the activities in English was so attentive to everyone's needs-esp my 1.8 year old who was a little young for some of the activities-so she sent us off to feed the goats - which kept him busy for ages. Then got a tour of the place as well as meeting a few of the local artists. We had a picnic in the park where the kids payed for a while before heading home after five hours of fun.
Tours must be pre-booked with Judy 0544 283 646 or parrots@netvision.net.il. There's a 10% off voucher on the kidsloveisrael page.If you go in the afternoon there's a pizza place that's open after 4pm and is supposed to be delicious (as reported by my parents).

    • Tania Mindel oh and if you're botanically inclined Judy's husband gives a tour of their garden which is filled with unusual trees (and birds) from around the world