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Nachal Amud נחל אמוד

Recommended by: Yaakov
Nachal Amud is one of the most beautiful hikes in Israel and has plenty of water. It is a 40 minute drive from Teveria.
Type: Water Hike


Location: North - near Meron Junction

Website: Click Here 

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Aileen Halbershtat How old is your toddler - we did Nachal Amud a couple of days ago and it was really hard work for the 4 yr old, the 2 yr old was in a minsa for most of it - and we did a drop off at one point car collection at another.... might not be suitable...

Shlomit Hazan Stern we did the first part of nachal amud- going down to ein yakim which is a shallow waddling pool.the water is cute - the walk down and up though is not easy. (my 6 yo did it happily though but I don't know how young are the other walkers.)

Nachal Amud: has anyone done the tiyul? What age group is it suitable for? Any info on it?

Abbi Adest Hi Deborah. Here is a link to the site on SPINI:http://www.parks.org.il/.../amud/Pages/default.aspx

You can go and I think there is actually an information booth there that can give you more specific info. There seems to be a long and sh
ort trail. It mentions Ein Tina as one of the highlights in the park. We went directly there the other day- it's a 20 minute walk on a dusty trail (you can take a stroller, but you have to get it through a large puddle) and then there's a natural pool to splash in at the end. You can also climb up a trail to see a water fall, which we didn't get to because of too many kids.
  • Sarah Kaye My friends did Nachal Amud last week. They said it finished them off...
  • Nicole Goldman Sarah, your friend probably did the full trail. We did the one that starts at the end and just goes back to the amud. It's about 20-30 mins and really easy and flat, crossing a couple of shallow streams and ending at the pool by the amud. We did it with 3-12 year olds.
  • Sarah Kaye Yes of course. Me and my friends are older with older kids so we do full tiyulim. 
  • Rachelle Regal Goodman I've done the full Nachal Amud tiyul in springtime, when the weather was more temperate, along with 11/12 year olds. The full tiyul was a long tiyul - about 5 hours with the bus dropping us off and meeting us at the end point - and it's really beautiful, with plenty of water, but if you're doing it with younger kids, I'd do the short version from the bottom (near the Amud).
  • Deborah Finkelstein Thanks all. Actually decided not to go, wasn't sure it was sensible to do heavily pregnant!