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The Solar Garden - גן הסולארי

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Recommended by: Sarah Sharman Moser

"We went to the solar garden in Binyamina - a garden full of ideas and ways to use the sun's energy with solar pannels, making tea with the sun, making and recycling paper, recycling everything, best use of water and ways to recycle water... We were there for nearly 2 hours and we could have spent more time. It was hands on and the kids had a fantastic time. It was also very educational for all the family. We had a private tour of the place and the guide was excellent with the kids and used a "treasure hunt idea". 

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1 Hagiborim St.
Binyamina 30500
P: +972-72-2612211
F: +972-72-2612210
M: +972-52-3300212

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Rechelle Hochhauser We did the solar garden on our way back down from up north last year with a 9 year old and 2 five year olds. They did a private tour just for us. It was fascinating and educational and the kids really liked it.

Deborah Dickson - We recently went here with our family including children age 3,5,7,9. While it is definitely not quite aimed at the 3 year old, our guide (we were lucky to have the owner/creator) still found appropriate activities he could join in with. Apart from that we enjoyed the whole place to ourselves - if you call ahead he will arrange for english tours, family group tours etc. as you want, and you can tell him the age range so it is geared for your group. My 7 year old boy particularly enjoyed seeing how electricity works vs solar power and seeing how powerful  the sun and wind can be and the children all made a catch-ball game out of recycled materials which entertained them for a while! We also had fun making paper. This place is a homemade, outdoors, rustic initiative - not a highly advanced museum exhibition - but made with dedication by a team of people who believe in protecting the environment and show you ways we can do this. It is educational and a great experience - and a very unique and different day out! Recommended.
Shari Adler We went to the solar garden in binyamina today, really good. Tour lasts around an hour with some hands on fun for kids too. Need to book. Went to a lovely kosher organic restaurant afterwards about ten mins away in karkur called cafe karkur.
Dalia Haber
Went to a place in Binyamina today called The Solar Garden. Fantastic educational trip that all my kids aged 3-10 loved. Went to Quesariya in the morning as its 10 mins from there.

A letter to the Solar Garden:
I found you on a website when I was looking for interesting visitors' centers under your website  www.haganhasolari.co.il and I appreciated your willingness to give us a lecture in English. We were a group from the English speaking chapter from Haifa of Emunah  organization on our yearly trip. We got a friendly reception by Moshe who introduced us into the aim of your establishment to make the public acquainted with the use of natural resources to deal more respectfully with Mother Nature. Your main concern is with renewable energy, mainly that of the sun which is so abundant in our country and so little made use of yet. You showed us the efficient use of solar energy, innovative applications of water saving irrigation combined with energy saving cooling of the house and many more fascinating ways of preserving our environment.
We spent two very stimulating hours and got a lot of material for further thought. We can only recommend wholeheartedly a visit to your establishment. The place is of interest to all age groups since you know how to approach children and seniors all in their way of understanding. In the upcoming school vacation period the visit to the Solar Garden can be fascinating for groups of youngsters and families alike.
Thank you for the opportunity to learn a lot about environment.

Best regards
Doris Heilbut,

  • Devra Wanetik Stark 
    What is it? I pass it all the time but have no idea what it's about.

  • Dalia Haber 
    It's an Eco house that a guy has set up. Teaches the kids all about being environmentally friendly. Was about 1.5-2 hrs private your. Book first although we didn't and he still took us. It was so great. Kids made flower pots, learnt about recycling, how to save water etc.. All in a non preachy way. They loved it. As did we

    Cindy Schwartz Kline

    Haven't been yet but have seen nice recommendations in this group for the Solar Garden in Binyamina

  • Aliza Blumenfeld Chodoff

    I've driven by it several times. It's very small. It looks like it's out of someone's house, and you can be in and out of it in less than an hour.

    Cindy Schwartz Kline 

    People wrote that they were there for over two hours on a guided tour and that they could have stayed longer

    Aliza Blumenfeld Chodoff 
    That's not what it looks like to me, but maybe for someone who's more interested in it they might stay longer.

    Lisa Ohayon 

    The solar garden is not for a 4.5 year old, she will be totally bored. It's interesting for older kids, about 7 upwards.

    Lisa Isaacs 

    I've been to the Solar Garden. Agree it's not for a 4.5 year old. It is small but the guided tour, which was quite interesting, makes it last a little longer.