HaDov Halavan - הדב הלבן

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Recommended by: Rechelle Hochhauser

"We have friends who just went, their 8 year old couldn't stop raving about it to my son...."

Deborah Dickson says:

"A great few hours were spent here with our kids aged 21mths, 4, 5.5, 7.5. It is not a huge 
place, not too busy either and there was something for all of them - even a soft play area closed  off for little babies. For the toddlers (and older kids) there was a great bimba area with roads, ramps, petrol pump and car wash to drive round, there was trampolining, climbing walls with and without harnesses and my son's favourite a big jump with a harness swinging very high! 

There was also tight rope walking, beam balancing and circus type activities throughout - eg. juggling, diabolos, unicycles! The children had a blast but i do think that going with friends may  have helped provide some positive peer pressure to help them be a little bit braver although they tried everything. Adults can also do it all. A different sort of place and recommended as a real treat the kids will talk about for a while."

Note: It's not open to the public on Fridays, just for events, check the website for times.

Website: Click Here

Telephone: 04 689 6078 | 054 424 9646

Address: Industrial Park, Emek Hefer, Zvi Hanachal 21

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Tanya Green-
Just used my love love Israel card at Hadav Halavan and it's fantastic kids loving it, my 4hlf yr old wasn't afraid to bungee jump !

Sarah Klyne Ne Jackson - We went to Dov Halavan in Emek Hefer. It is about a 15 minute drive from North of Netanya towards Hadera. We took a bunch of kids aged 6-14 and they all had a great time. We were there from 11-4 and the kids did not want to leave. There was bungee jumping, trapolining, rope walking, wall climbing and lots of other stuff. When we first walked in we thought we would be done in a hour but the kids just kept going back for more. There is some stuff for younger kids . There is a cafe and sitting area as well.

Michal Mann Gaon-Dov Halavan- after reading rave reviews for the past year plus, we finally made it there today. The kids had a blast (of course) but I would just like to comment that the place was not air-conditioned making it quite uncomfortable for the parents who were sitting around watching (after paying considerably for an entrance ticket). The swinging kids did not mind as much.
Plus no one really noticed or cared if we had tickets (we did), how many we were, and who went in or out.
After being there, I don't think I would recommend for ages 2-4 being that they have to pay for a full ticket and I'm not sure they would take full advantage of it. Just my two cents..

Sarah Kaye  -Now Sarah tell me this - you know how my kids have hypotonia right? Do you think the stuff there is just for sporty, coordinated kids or could my kids handle it? What about for my two year old - is there anything for her?

Natasha Dornberg-Went there today with 7 kids ages 11-2. Plenty for everyone, no one was bored. 2 year old liked ball pool and trampoline, bigger kids liked bungee and various climbing walls (and flipping off the trampoline into the sponge pit). There are easy-ish climbing walls and balance challenges for the middle ages.
Entrance fee is NIS 60 in August (moms are NIS 40), but they sell punch cards: 10 entries for NIS 350. We bought one and sold off the last 3 punches to a lady walking in while we were having a snack break. Even if we hadn't found her, the card was cheaper than all our entries.
Overall huge thumbs up!

Sarah Kaye Natasha - do you have very sporty kids?

Natasha Dornberg Sarah: We have the whole range from competitive gymnast to couch potato. Couch potatoes had more problems with fears than with challenges, had a great time. Competitive gymnasts had a temper tantrum about coming home ... after spending 6 hours there!

LYNN GAZIT -I can't say enough good things about this place for all ages. They finally updated their website, so you can see more of what they offer (thought it doesn't show it all by far). I know I posted this before, but we were there over the summer - I thought we would be there a couple of hours. Eight (!) hours later we left and my kids are constantly begging to go back again. (They were 6 & 8 over the summer, now 7 & 9 :)

Susie Kahn Enteen -Is there anything for my little one (almost 3) to do there while her big brothers (8 and 10) are climbing and jumping??? How about the Grownups.....is it comfortable for us to hang and watch??? Thanks for this info and coupon!

Lynne Gazit-Susie - there is a gymboree area (the standard, with the balls and stuff) that your little one would have fun in. There is also an area with little cars and like a highway area - it's very fun, not sure why they don't have it pictured anywhere. Saw lots of little ones on it, but my 6 year old and his friends like it too! There is also a smaller climbing wall and a tunnel and slide. Swings too. In short, lots to do for all ages. Have a look at their website for some picturesץ (I still think they can do the website better - they are not showing enough! :)

As far as adults, you pay the same admission price to get in. They encourage adults to also do the rock climbing, do the bungee jumping, etc. They want you to have quality time with your kids. :-) They told me the bungee could hold a Volvo car, so no problem holding the weight of an adult, lol. I had a great time there, as did my friend who I went with (we did the climbing, bungee... I didn't do the tightrope walk in the sky, but he did!) Next time we go I told my husband he has to come, as I am certain he will have as much fun as the kids. :-)) There is also a really fun, big trampoline for all ages. Also fun circus things to try - even a 2-year-old would have fun trying different balancing things.
For the less adventurous parents (or those that need a break!) there are loads of comfy places to sit (futons, cushions, beanbags, etc). What is nice is that you can see the ENTIRE place from sitting in one location - so you don't need to run around to make sure your kids are OK, you just need to peek up from your book now and then. Also they have loads of staff on hand - they are needed to help with the rock climbing and bungee, but also just walking around in general and interacting with everyone) - I am sure this helps to keep the place from getting too 'wild', as th atmosphere was nice and calm, not noisy like other attractions.
I have only seen/heard good reviews for HaDov HaLavon, so it's not just me (or my kids!). They are also having a circus performance a few times a day during Chanukah - not sure the times.

Meir Green -Thank you so much for posting this!

Susie Kahn Enteen -THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This place sounds awesome, perfect for us! :)

Emily Kirschenbaum-Spent a couple of hours at HaDov HaLavan with 3 kids, ages 8, 6 and 10 months- was fun for everyone! There was only one other family there which was so great because we didn't have to wait to do anything. id imagine on a hot summers day when it's crowded it is probably a total nightmare! I used my LoveLoveIsrael discount to get money off and they even gave a little bit more off and the guy said he loves the LoveLoveIsrael people:)


  1. Went there today.

    Our 8 year old daughter and 5.5 year old son had a blast (as did we). The bungee rope swing hybrid is not to be missed. :)

  2. I was there 2 weeks ago. Pure fun, even for adults.
    Really recommended!


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