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Deer Land - Gush Etzion

חוות ארץ האיילים      deer land farm

Recommended by: Sarah Emerson Helfand
I think its called deer park -- and it was great! The big zip line might not be for little kids, but they have a small one that absolutely is. They also have climbing rock wall, trampoline section and petting zoo. The ropes course is not for little kids. I can't remember about a playground, but they also have a carousel. Our little kids (and big kids and adults) loved it.

Phone: 02-5709768
Email: lior_ivy@yahoo.com

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Chaya Idels Shapiro‎-
Reviews on deer land ? Kids ages 7,9,11,14
Rhonda Kaplowitz Epstein- We went 3 or 4 years ago. My daughter was about 10. She enjoyed it but there were lines...
Bilha Boyarsky -Great place! Large omega, wall climbing, ropes course, petting zoo, bungy, kiddie train, smaller omega. Shaded because it's in a forest. Highly recommended!
Arielle Kwestel -Very expensive. In summer they charge for each turn on an attraction. One turn on the shirt omega is 25nis. During holidays/ chol hamoed, entry fee is 60nis pp, covering all the rides except the large omega which is always 100pp
Bryna 'Billauer' Ozarowski -For that age they have a great elevated ropes course, 40m omega (zip line) paint ball and those rides where they spin you around upside down a few times.
Arielle Kwestel -I'm not saying it isn't fin!
James Kushner -More for older children, not cheap, but something different

2012- Sara Levy -Just looked at the website - it says that the park itself is free, but every attraction costs separately. Did you end up spending a fortune there?

Shlomit Hazan Stern- the activities for the little kids are not expensive, but they are not very exiting.how old are your kids? if you don't have kids who would enjoy the zip line or the wall/ropes,I wouldn't go there.

Abbi Adest -Have to say, I went there with little kids a few years ago, and it wasn't worth the money we spent. They had some sad pinat chai, some art activities we could do at home and that was it for kids not zip-line age. And I don't remember seeing any deer. It was also hot and dusty; don't remember any playground area.

Sara Levy -Thanks! Kids range in age from 13 to 2.5. Not sure we're going to do this in the end, based on your feedback!

Shlomit Hazan Stern -I think the point is, the little ones can be kept busy while the older ones have their fun. so it depends what is the focus of the range...and how far you have to go to get there. if you end up going, the lone tree beer brewery is just across from there, they charge a very small fee for an explanation on how to make beer and some tastings.


Randi Lipkin‎-

We went to Deer Land today with a wide array of ages. Everyone had a great time. One important note: the kids will only stay happy if they realize there are not a LOT of activities but they can do them all as often as they want! My 10 year old daughter was thrilled to do rock climbing 3x even with a bit of a line. My 4 year old son loved the carousel and train ride (4 is the upper limit for these) many times each. Many older teen crazies on line for the Omega which crosses over a highway (100NIS).
Randi Lipkin -I must add that girls that only wear skirts MUST have leggings/pants on under in order to do just about everything.
Beryl Rush Tritel -Where is this?
Randi Lipkin -Alon shvut in the gush.
Brie Reich -can you explain the prices?
Sarah Raanan -I must add that you can do them as often as you want if you are willing to pay again each time and if you can manage to find someone who will come and man the place for you! We found it expensive and disappointing
Jen Lowensteiner Fruchter -We had an amazing time-this year was our 2nd time there, my kids aged 1-10 loved it!
Jen Lowensteiner Fruchter -60 nis to do all activities besides the big omega and 360 swing and paintball. otherwise 15 nis to get in and do nothing, or add to that the specific activities you want to do. My neice (3) we paid 15nis to get in and 10nis for carosel and 10 nis for train--which they allowed her to go on a few times...enjoy!
Sarah Raanan -Jen they must have liked u!! We were begging for a package deal but they wouldn't give us one and made us go back to reception every time we wanted to do something! Second rides were out of the question without paying!
Idit Herstik Temerlies -Sarah, that must have changed since you went. We were there 2 days ago and they didn't like Jen any more than the rest of us...
Randi Lipkin -Sarah Raanan, the flat rate pricing is done for chag. I think all other times it's pay as you go.
Sarah Raanan -Ahhhhhh randi clears up the mystery!!! Thank u!!