Deer Land - Gush Etzion

חוות ארץ האיילים      deer land farm

Recommended by: Sarah Emerson Helfand
I think its called deer park -- and it was great! The big zip line might not be for little kids, but they have a small one that absolutely is. They also have climbing rock wall, trampoline section and petting zoo. The ropes course is not for little kids. I can't remember about a playground, but they also have a carousel. Our little kids (and big kids and adults) loved it.

Phone: 02-5709768

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2012- Sara Levy -Just looked at the website - it says that the park itself is free, but every attraction costs separately. Did you end up spending a fortune there?

Shlomit Hazan Stern- the activities for the little kids are not expensive, but they are not very old are your kids? if you don't have kids who would enjoy the zip line or the wall/ropes,I wouldn't go there.

Abbi Adest -Have to say, I went there with little kids a few years ago, and it wasn't worth the money we spent. They had some sad pinat chai, some art activities we could do at home and that was it for kids not zip-line age. And I don't remember seeing any deer. It was also hot and dusty; don't remember any playground area.

Sara Levy -Thanks! Kids range in age from 13 to 2.5. Not sure we're going to do this in the end, based on your feedback!

Shlomit Hazan Stern -I think the point is, the little ones can be kept busy while the older ones have their fun. so it depends what is the focus of the range...and how far you have to go to get there. if you end up going, the lone tree beer brewery is just across from there, they charge a very small fee for an explanation on how to make beer and some tastings.

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  1. Hi we spent the day there yesterday. It's our third year going on Sukkot!

    There is a big gap in the ages that enjoy this park. There is a kiddie train and carousel enjoyed by the four and under group. For kids two and up there are large trampolines and the child is harnessed and can jump and flip. For kids/pre-teens there is a mini omega (zip line), a serious rope climb and a wall climb. There is very little for kids 5-8.

    All the above are included in a 60nis flat rate, do as many times as you want ticket. Additional are the very long omega (100nis) and paint ball. Observers pay 15 NIS entrance. There is a petting zoo as well.

    It is very shady and there are plenty of places to sit down. The ground itself is very rocky making stroller use difficult as well as
    walking for anyone unsteady on their feet. If you don't want to wait in lines, go by 10:30am you will have no wait at all.

    There is a sukkah, decent bathrooms, and an ice cream stand.


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