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Caesarea National Park

Recommended by: Jeremy Kaye

"Caesaria - worth a trip....spent half a day there on Friday - kids had fun, great old ancient ruins in a really beautiful area."

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Natalie - Went to caesaria port today - so lovely! All my kids enjoyed watching the sea/ fishing boats/ ppl fishing , the ruins and cute art galleries... Really relaxing and enjoyable... Oh and the mini movie stunned them as their first cinema experience lol 

Deborah Dickson (August 2013)
Caesarea - We went a couple of years ago but it was even better this time as my children were slightly older a got more out of the films about the ruins. We got there at 9:30 and were one of the first people there (the car park was totally full up when we left at about 1pm). We have a parks card so entry was free (and means we will probably go a few more times this year)...we went straight to the main exploring area - my kids remembered it from last time and had the best time climbing, exploring, hiding. There is so much to explore and they really had fun. When it got very hot we found a shadey breezy spot for a snack and then went to the films. Followed this with milky lunch at Aresto (Kosher). There is a big grass area just outside that they let steam off in after the meal before we headed home. There was a nice, reasonably empty, small beach there (no idea if you have to pay for it) with boating and an inflatable water slide - very calm because of water breakers. Might be good for another time. Only 20 minutes from Netanya. Great fun. First thing in the morning, or later in the day is best.

Deborah Dickson
Just to say we also had a great time at caesaria harbour national park. My eldest daughter was resistant and the hot sun almost made us forget it but once we were in, we had a nice lunch at the kosher milky restaurant, saw the film and then the kids had the best time exploring the ruins - we had to drag them away. They were fascinated by it and had a great time! Will definitely pay it another visit in the autumn/winter.

Brie Reich-how old are your kids?
Jeremy Kaye- ‎9, 7, and 4
Brie Reich -there is a new movie right? did you watch it? was it good?
ShaynaDovid Ellis-where is this located?
Jeremy Kaye -The were two movies, not sure if they were new though they certainly didn't seem old. They were both 10 minutes each.
ShaynaDovid Ellis -thanks

Brie Reich- do you need a reservation?
Jeremy Kaye- no, just turn up there. It was something like 84 NIS for the five of us. Under 5s are free. And I got a 30% discount because I paid with my Mastercard.

Malkie Herssein-Nowitz -If you have a membership to the National Parks it is free.
Elinor Wyman-Is it worth going to Caesarea with 4yo and 19mo? Other than walking around the ruins is there anything for them to do?

Liora Levy Sender-
My 4yo loved it, but he loved running around the ruins with his older brothers. If they are adventurous, running around types, they will enjoy. They may enjoy standing on the boardwalk and watching/ getting splashed by the waves hitting the wall. Otherwise, there is a lot of walking with no shade until a bit of grass at the end.