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Recommended by: Shaina Tanenbaum Wellins

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Ruth Lyons Wellins
Can you swim in Banias? Is it clean and nice and appropriate for visitors from abroad?
Yesterday at 11:56 · · ·

    • Shaina Tanenbaum Abraham Nope. It is a beautiful hike but there is no swimming anywhere. The water is quite dangerous. Actually, there are two separate hikes, I only did the one with the new suspension bridge but I was told that there is no swimming at the other one either.
      Yesterday at 12:03 ·

    • Shaina Tanenbaum Abraham Oh, and yes, it is nice and clean and perfectly appropriate for visitors from abroad.

      Rivka Pollack
      Any info if banias is good for 1.5 and 4 year olds?

       ·  ·  · 13 hours ago via Mobile

        • Abbi Adest 1.5 you could still probably get into a back carrier if necessary. We've hiked with our two year old. I'm pretty sure they have some kind of hanging bridge now and you're not allowed to go into the water anyway.
          11 hours ago ·