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Weizman Institute - Davidson Institute for Science Education

Recommended by: Rachel

"We had an amazing time here - kids had so much fun! If you have older kids a guide may be worthwhile, but younger kids can just run around and do all the experiments with your help!"

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There are often special events here during summer holidays and festivals.

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we went today to the clore science garden in the weizman institute in Rechovot. very nice, the kids had a great time. it's all outdoors though, so maybe better for chol hamoed...

  • Lisa Ohayon -One of the most brilliant places for kids of all ages, but way too hot in August. Amazing for chol hamoed Sukkot or Pesach. A firm favorite with the Ohayon family!

    Laura Cowan-
    Anyone been to Gan Hamada (science garden) at the Weitzmann institute? Is it good? My kids are 2,5 and 8.

    Tamar Krongrad -I've been considering that one for years... Laura Cowan - share your wisdom after you go...

    Laura Cowan Thanks for the link Deborah, will post report Tamar 

    Nicole Goldman -It's excellent. Your two yr old will just run around and enjoy touching things and your two older ones will actually enjoy learning and understanding the exhibits. For a bit more money (I think maybe 100 shekels) you can book a guide ahead of time and they will take you round and explain some the the exhibits to you and your kids. This is definitely worthwhile. Especially if you get a couple of families together to split the cost. Make sure you go on a nice day because it is all outside.

    Nicole Goldman -Forgot to mention that the guide can be in English if you request. We had a fantastic guide.

    Ruth Lyons Wellins -One of the few places that entertains all our kids every time, and there is a 10 year age range. Lovely grounds nearby to picnic.
    Laura Cowan -We went today and it was great. Perfect place for mixed age kids, lots of activities in addition to the "science playground". If you go on Saturday take a picnic, because the cafe is closed.
    Judy Elkus Nee Abudarham-
    At Weizmann Institute. There's plenty going on for all ages - we're here with ages 2 - 12. Quite full but activities are spread out, there's plenty of shade and the kids are having fun.

    Naomi Geffen Goss -We went there a couple of years ago and I agree, it's a morning/afternoon well spent. Activities are well spread out so it doesn't feel crowded and the environs are pretty. All-in-all stimulating and refined experience.

    Judy Elkus Nee Abudarham- We got here at opening - 10 am and are just leaving at 5 pm! The kids did flag a bit in the middle but then got a second wind and decided not to leave  

    Miriam Shatsky -Did you do the 10 plagues things? I'm wondering if a 3-year old and 5-year old would enjoy it tomorrow.

    Julia Salter- We were also there today. The 10 plagues part was nice , but I'm not sure a 3 and 5 year old would appreciate it so much. There were some cool, live frogs, and a few other mildly interesting 'plagues' to see, but the main attraction of the day for my kids were all the outdoor, hands-on activities. Enough to keep my 2-8 year olds entertained for a few hours or more. I wouldn't recommend watching the "darkness/choshech" auditorium show unless your kids are either a bit older (6+), or really into science. Best to spend time on all the other great activities. Mainly outdoors and not too much shade, so it's worth preparing with that in mind.

    Deborah Dickson -Check its still on today

    Rella Itin -I have a 2 year old - are there activities that would be fun for him there? Any examples would be super appreciated!!

    Deborah Dickson -Haven't been this week but def went with one if mine that age...there were giant bubbles, other water things they enjoyed watching, a bit of balancing type things...you would enjoy it and presume he goes free anyway-do check its running today tho