Soosagala Wood Workshop - סוס ועגלה

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Recommended by: Andi Saitowitz

"I took the kids to this wood workshop in Kadima, 10 mins from Raanana- its great fun, need about 2 hours, perfect for kids from age 4 upwards.... quite pricey but a very special outing and they make amazing things"

For more information and registration: Call 054-4717286, 09-8990909

Visit the website here


Carpentry workshop for building wooden toys driven by green energy.

Children are invited to see how to design and construct wooden toys, using green energy, rotational kinetic or solar as well as participate in designing their own carpentry workshops, wooden toys, and ride the big rocking horse in the world!

Each child receives individual support and guidance, glue, paint, and get to design an amazing wooden toy based on their own imagination!

All the are toys dynamic, moving, rolling and flying without using batteries, and authentic hand-made as well as environmentally conscious.

Visitors can ride the world's biggest rocking horse - winner of the Guinness World Record for 2014, rising to a height of 6 meters, which can hold up to 50 children together (!).

Suitable for ages 4-13. Closed on Shabbat.
Workshops are in small groups - You must book in advance

Summer workshops run 10th-26th August and last appx 3 hours.
Workshops run at 9:00, 11:00, 12:00 and you need to book your place in advance.
Prices depends on the project - ranges from 100-330NIS
You can call to arrange a workshop at any time too.

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August 2014:
Deborah Dickson - spent a great morning with my kids ages - 4, 7, 8, 10. They each chose projects, sanded them and put them together and painted them. They LOVED it and were so proud of their work! Highly recommend and the owners are lovely people!

Dovid - Went to here today was really great for kids age 4 and up. It's a woodwork building place with the worlds largest rocking house. You pay per each thing project the kids build so we had 2 kids building even though everyone was involved. It could be very expensive if each kid in a group wants to do a project but it was great. Between Natanya and Raanana.

We spent yesterday (chanukah 2013) at Sus VeAgalah wood workshop in Kadmina. 2 10 year old boys and a 13 year old girl were very happy and kept busy for nearly 4 hours. It's expensive but well worth it. You have to book in advance but I managed to call in the morning and get a spot. You don't pay for the workshop, rather you buy a wooden piece that you will assemble. 2 people help the kids with the process which includes, sanding, using screw drivers, hammers etc and then painting your piece. Probably good from age about 5-14. Prices are anywhere from 50 NIS to 330 NIS but I think the average is around 150 NIS. Kids make a quality wooden toy that they get to take home. the more expensive ones are more complicated and better for older kids. You also get a tour of the workshop and get to sit on the world's largest rocking horse. Places to sit and hang out outside. 
Review of Soosagala... (Tried to post this on the website but it wouldn't upload). A magical wood workshop for an amazing 3 hours... Our boys (5 and 3) got to chose a toy kit from a great selection- flying planes, rotating carousels, walking dinosaurs, solar powered cars... We then sanded, hammered, filed, painted, assembled over the course of 3 hours including an ice cream break whilst their 'oeuvres' dried in the sun. We had a fabulous time their, Inbal, Ofer and their team are brilliant with the kids and have created a fantastic craftsmans workshop! Highly recommended.

Sarah Kaye- Where is this located?

Joanne Winston- kadima about 10min from Netanya

Sarah Kaye -Ooh. OK - so do you think a 14 year old and a ten year old boy would like this? Or are they too old????

Joanne Winston -If they like woodwork and painting I think they'd love it... For what it's worth, I wished I could have just done my own too! They could also choose one of the more complex models...

Tracy Zeit -How much did it cost? What's their #?

Sarah Kaye-

Sarah Kaye Joanne Winston - thanks so much - this looks awesome!!!!

Joanne Winston -Prices range from around NIS80 upwards depending on what you chose to make. Thanks Sarah for posting the details. Am sure you'll have a fab time!

Sarah Kaye -What the heck did we do in the Summer before this group was invented?!

Deborah Dickson -Also see reviews on loveloveisrael site!

Melinda Matkowsky -Did you have to make an appointment ?

Harriet Morris-Sloane -Just booked for sunday. Thanks so much for the recommendation.

Naomi Zimmerman Elbaz -sounds so nice - just booked for next week... thanks!


  1. A dream came true. New Israeli record!

    After a year of working on the world’s largest rocking horse, the project has finished successfully.

    The horse is in Guinness Book of Records for 2012

    It was designed and built by Ofer Mor, wooden rocking horses master,
    a product designer who utilizes traditional methods,owner of “Soos VeAgala” (Hebrew for “horse and cart”) studio in Kadima.

    You can get to see and swing on the world’s largest rocking horse as part of the workshop for building wooden toys.
    Registration in advance only.

  2. I have taken my kids a few times to this workshop. They they have enjoyed themselves thoroughly each time, have something to show for the fun, and learn skills which entail more than thumb-flicking a small screen.
    To be honest, I thoroughly enjoy the workshops too. The available kits are constantly renewed, the atmosphere is very pleasant and the family which runs the place are helpful friendly people.
    I cannot think of a more worthwhile reasonably priced experience for kids.

    Check out the website:
    or the Facebook page:


  3. We just celebrate our daughter's 5 years old birthday over there few months ago,
    And it was a fun, learning and bonding experience.

  4. Great place both for the kids and the parents.
    We had 2 hours of quality time with our little ones (aged 9 and 5), working as a team to build the authentic wooden toys.

  5. We took our grandson and grandaughter last hanukka. It was really pleasant time
    to spend with them. I dont know who enjoy more - they or us.....We are planning
    to come again in passover. The kids are expecting - we promised.

  6. This Peasch we plan to Visit Sus ve Agala for the third time!
    My 2 little girls had great time, building wood toys that they play with until today!
    Another great attraction there is the biggest rocking wood hourse in the world, and if you ask the owner he might give you a ride!!
    Bella & Amir Schwartz

  7. If you are one of those parents or grandparents who care about your kid, and looking to spend more quality time with him or her, then you must visit Soosagala Wood Workshop. While this workshop was advertise for kids, we, the parents, enjoyed it even more. We could see the joy of learning, the creativity in selecting the colors and painting, and the dedication in finishing the rocking horse. You should see how proud he was when he shared his creation with his friends when he got home.

    I know we will be back there.
    Thank you Inbal & Ofer

    S. Nevet


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