Shvil Hatapuzim - שביל התפוזים

Sadly this attraction closed in June 2014.

Recommended by: Michelle Ellis Marchant

"We went to Shvil Hatatapuzim with kids aged from 2 to 10years. They all had a wonderful time. All the activities are very close to each other so there's no schlepping around. There's lots of shady areas & places to sit in the shade. The activities for the younger kids are right next to the activities for older kids so you can keep an eye on all your kids at the same - if you're in to that sort of thing!!"

Fun for younger kids
Water, soft play, boat rides - all outdoors shaded by orange trees.
Coffee Shop, Kiosk, Picnic Area
Bring Swimming Costume, Shallow Water Play Area

Website: Click Here

Phone: 04 628-8806


Shvil Ha’tapuzim is located on Route # 65, outside Hadera, just around the bend from Kibbutz Gan Shmuel. If you’re coming from the Gan Shmuel direction, look for the sign on the right. Those coming from the coastal road should drive until the first gas station on the right (a Sonol station). At the entrance to the gas station there is a large sign that leads to a dirt road to the Orange Path.

Map of Park:

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Highly recommend Shvil Hataputzim. We had a really great day and thought it was great value for money
Shvil hatapuzim - never fails to satisfy. Six hours with a 2.5,3.5,5,5 and7 year old.

Rachel Eve Levine Rapport shvil hatapuzim is really worthwhile. We went there 2 years ago and everyone had a blast. Go ready for swimming.

    • Rochel N' Shimmy Machlis
      Would you recommend it for a 12 year old?

    • Tracy Zeit 
      yes, good for all ages!

    • Rachel Eve Levine Rapport 

      We went last year. I also think 12 is a bit old unless it's a whole family going.

      Ronnit Feiler
      just got back from shvil hatapuzim with 7, 4 and 1.5 yr olds. what a great place! it was an awesome day-the kids loved it, and i think i had an even better time than they did! i'm already trying to figure out when we can go back...mumlatz meod!!

        • Rivka Schmell-Meister 
          my kids loved it too! even the baby had lots of shady grass for rolling around, and there is a small indoor gymboree mat by the cafeteria.
          Lani Levy Schurder
          Anyone been to shvil hatapuzim this time of year (December) and know if its got enough to do for kids aged 4, 3 and 1??
            • Laura Katz-Novich 
              yes it certianly does

            • Laura Katz-Novich
              and don't miss the orange picking!

            • Naomi 'Simenoff' Goldberg
              My parents took my son aged 4 at succot time (so no water activities) and they all had a great time!

            • Abbi Adest
              Had a friend who took kids around those ages last week and had a blast.
              Louise Posnansky
              Went to Shivul Hatapuzim with friends and kids ranging from 1-12yrs. Amazing day where the fun lasted for 7 hours. TIP: We were told that you could pay on a Bank Lumi card and get 1 and 1 free. You can only do this if you book on line and not at the gate......we will know for next time

                • Vardit Berger 
                  how was it being outside in the heat there? 

                • Louise Posnasky
                  There were loads of shaded areas and lunch tables under the orange trees. The pool was also shaded. It was hot, but not unbearable

                • Vardit Berger

                • Naomi Levi 
                  I keep hearing how great it is....but what is there actually there? There website has no info on it. thanks
                  Deborah Dickson
                   boat rides, soft play, water shooting range, omegas on cars, mini golf, paddling pool (summer), small water slide, carpentry, climbing frames, electric cars, toddler type cars/bikes, shady orange trees (orange harvesting in winter)....
                  Shoshanna Keats-Jaskoll
                  I havent been recently but been to both- shvil is great, shady and fun for kids- hamat gader was hot and ok for kids
                  Yael Webb Parnes
                  We went to Shvil Hatapuzim very recently with the Kids Love Israel day out. What would you like to know?

                  Ziva Schapiro we are going with a 2 and 4 and half year old- will they enjoy? was it very hot there? any shade?

                  Yael Webb Parnes 
                  I went with my nearly 4 and half year old and he had a blast! There's plenty shade. It's hot, but definitely not unbearably so. There's a big paddling pool and other water activities to cool down anyway. Both your kids will have a fabulous time, guaranteed.

                  Reese Ben-Yaacov 
                  Shvil HaTapuzim is great! Went with 6,5,3 and 1 year old. Everyone had a blast,

                  Dalia 'Khan' Biegel
                  I second Yael. We went with our 2 year old boy and 3 year old nieces and a great time was had by all. It's almost all shaded but was still very hot, spent a lot of time in the pool at the end.


  1. I went to this place today with my 3 1/2 year old and 18 month old twins and it was an amazing day! We stayed for 6 1/2 hours so really got our money's worth. It was 59 shekels for 3 year old and less for adults and babies. Loads of stuff to do, suitable for both our age groups and my 3 year old could wonder off and do his own thing quite a lot in a very safe environment. Also it really is all under shade and we didn't feel the heat at all except in a good way! If your kids are older, say between 5-8 then you can really put your feet up and relax all day, as many people there did! They say it is suitable for up to 13 year olds but I would say that probably it is more limited for kids over the age of about 8 or 9.

  2. We went today with kids from 1 year to almost 13 years - and all had a great time, including the oldest (by the next visit it will probably be too babyish for him). It's absolutely sweltering there but if you get wet in the pools etc you don't feel it as much. Bring lots of frozen bottled water! Regarding price - reduced tickets are available now from Leumi-card and the Miluim card - but you have to buy them before you go and bring the cards with you, and also for points with Mastercard available when you pay at the door.

  3. love, love, love this place! went with ages 6, 8 and 11 and all had a great time. plenty to do (loads more than when we went 4 years ago) and queues not too long. Get there early to really make the most of it - it opens at 10 but really started to fill up towards 12. we stayed for 4 hours - the kids could have stayed an hour or two longer. made the most of leumicard's 1 + 1 offer, so all in all, great value too.


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