Sophie Vardi says: "highly recommend- kids had a fantastic time there"

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Abigail Greenberg Blank - August 2013
Took the kids (ages 3-8) to Picolonia in hertzlia this morning. It is a "mini town" with mini supermarket, mini police station etc. The kids had a good time except the 8 year old who was a bit bored. Parents perspective: very busy. We had to wait 3/4 of an hour to go in and then it closes at 1:30. Apparently afternoons are quieter. Quite a balagan. Half hearted attempt by a couple of workers to tidy but they were no match for the rate of mess the kids were making. 49shekels for kids 5 shekels for adults. Apparently you can phone and pre-book. Don't think I would go back.
Anyone know if kids under the age of 4 will be bored or unable to join in at Picolonia in Hod Hasharon? i have, nearly 2, 3 and 5 year old.

  • Sarah Dritz They'll all love it
  • Sarah Kaye I wanted to take my three and a half year old there. So I"m happy to get feedback on this as well.
  • Sarah Kaye ok - it's in Herzilya first off (not Hod Hasharon) and they say on the website that they have a place for under 4 year olds.
  • Deborah Landau i read on their website that in august you should book 3 days in advance...we were thinking of going tomorrow...
  • Sarah Kaye I don't know if you read hebrew but on the website it says to book three days in advance
  • Sarah Kaye Oh - you do read Hebrew! Maybe you could just turn up and hope for the best? I think that I will wait another year before taking my daughter.
  • Nicole Goldman The mini areas are only for age 4 and up. But they have a Gymboree area for under 4s.
  • Leora Berg Schwartz My 3.5 yr old went about 2 months ago and LOVED it!
  • Lisa Science Mine went first time when.she was 2.2 and had a blast.....think it is fine for most 2yrs+ however i will add that in holiday times it is packed and they don't seem to limit numbers.....Melisa Douek Ben-Horin Good fun for all those ages....
  • Racheli Abramson Harris How much does it cost? I don't see it on their website.
  • Michal Mann Gaon i called today. they want you to make reservations. 48 shk per kid. one adult is free
  • Racheli Abramson Harris Thanks! Did the number on their website work for you, because when I tried it went to fax.

  • Michal Mann Gaon it worked. just took a while for them to pick up
  • Shoshanna Keats-Jaskoll open 930-130... thats nuts- unless you get there at 930 its a waste...do you think reservations are a must?

    Anyone been to "Picolonia" over chanukah/ a busy season and is it crazy busy??

    • Naomi 'Simenoff' Goldberg would also like to know how much it costs

    • Simmie Moskovits-Colthof What is that?
    • Emma Behrman It cost 44 nis per child. Its really great fun. They limit the number of children allowed in so even though its packed during the busy times its not too crazy. Best to book tickets in advance.

    • Leah Golker We went in summer which was also peak... They say they limit numbers but don't... But kids still had amazing time!!
    • Karen Cohen Larah Piccolonia is great we go all the time, but no way would I go during Chanukah I hate being in a confined space with a million people it makes me want to scrrrreeeeaaaam!!!
    • Emma Behrman Its one free adult per child. Additional adults are 10 nis each.
    • Naomi Feifer-Weiser I would not go without booking, last time we went, they would not let us in, since they were full. and only good for little kids, probably boring for 8+ kids.

      I am planning on going to Picolonia next week with a friend and two five year old girls. From those that have been, any tips, pointers, advice. Thanks

      • Deborah Dickson Get there before doors open to enjoy it while a bit emptier...
      • Leora Berg Schwartz Just enjoy. It's a really nice place. But do get there as early as possible as it can get cramped
      • Sophie Vardi We went today and it was great (busy though and it closed at 1330 so check website for timing.


  1. We took our 6 yr old and 3 yr old grandsons. The 3 yr old loved it but the 6 yr old was bored very quickly.

  2. This was an absolute highlight of our trip to Israel for my kids (7yrs/5yrs/2yrs). They are all girls and loved all the fantasy play. They didn't want to leave. Nice and clean with great aircon!


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