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Monkey Park / Farm (Ben Shemen)

Activities: Monkeys, Petting Zoo, Arts & Crafts and Climbing
Located at: Ben Shemen Forest, near Moshav Kfar Daniel
Phone: 08 928 5888
Website: Click here for the main Website - there is more about the Monkey Sanctuary in English here

I'm writing to UNrecommend the Monkey Park (just before Modiin). We have been there many times in the past. It was a beautiful place, well looked after. I took the kids there again last week and was shocked at how run down it looks and as I'd remembered it's still not cheap. Half the cages didn't have anything in them. The grounds were.....ugh. And they they don't let you just walk in and go through at your own pace. You have to wait for a group and they only do guided tours now which was really unhelpful. The kids didn't want to stand around a cage listening to the guide. Very disappointing.
Britt Sevitt started quite a debate about the merits of the Monkey Farm vs. the Parrot Farm! Here's what people said about the Monkey Farm on Facebook:

  • Tammy Koppel Russell
    took the kids to the monkey park just outside modiin, they all really loved it, also climbing for kids, very shady , nice picnic spots too ! never been to the parrot farm ....x
    Thursday at 10:37 

  • Emily Kirschenbaum
    Monkey farm is bigger and more interesting. Parrot farm is closer and not so much to see, but good if you are looking for a short outing
    Thursday at 11:22 

  • Tasha Elliston Monkey park better more to do
    Thursday at 11:22 

  • Britt Sevitt thanks guys xxx
    Thursday at 11:31 

  • Karen Levy Gilbert don't know the parrot place - but we recently found the monkey park a bit disappointing. And not really worth the entrance fee. If you have free or cheap tickets then I guess it would be worth it....
    Thursday at 17:30 

  • Sophie Vardi have to ask.. i saw the parrot thing advertised the other day- would a kid age four and a 18month year old like it? is it outside or shaded at least? Monkey park is ok but hot as all outside and quite expensive. Have a fun summer
    Thursday at 17:32 

  • Tania Mindel not been to monkey park - but parrot park is foul!
    Thursday at 18:04 

  • Tammy Koppel Russell have to qualif that went to the monkey park last year so not sure what it's like now...x
    Thursday at 18:47 

  • Emma Behrman If you go to the monkey park in the afternoons you can watch feeding time. Every afternoon at 4pm and get a free ice pop/coffee for every visitor. 

    Thursday at 21:12 

  • Deborah Dickson Well which one won?
    Friday at 12:36 

  • Randi Lipkin Haven't been to the Parrot Farm. Went to the monkey park with very discounted tkts. Would have been disappointed if we paid full price. Monkeys were very lethargic. My kids (10 and 4) liked the climbing/play areas more than the animals.
    Friday at 12:39 

  • Erika Grogin Lange We go to the Monkey park every year... Better when it's not hot like Pesach or Sukkot time. 
    Friday at 14:55

  • Ellie Lavi Im going to the parrot farm this week, but my kids are 2
    21 hours ago 

  • Rechelle Hochhauser Parrot farm over monkey farm any day-but neither are great- recommend the safari zoo in ramat gan instead
    20 hours ago

  • Ellie Lavi but isnt the safari expensive?
    11 hours ago 

  • Rechelle Hochhauser So is the monkey park and at least the safari is worth every shekel.
    7 hours ago 

  • Erika Grogin Lange FYI see both monkeys AND the new amazing Lori bird (parrots) exhibit at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo... you can actually feed the parrots and it's one of my favorites. We have a membership but entrance fee to the zoo is pretty reasonable - less than Monkey Park.
    7 hours ago

  • Ellie Lavi I got discounted tix for parrot farm on groupon. Do you know how much is monkey farm and safari ? do u know if its free for under 2?

    7 hours ago

  • Brie Reich there are 2 monkey farms. there is Afrikef in the ben shemen forest and then there is yaar hakofim up near Karmiel. Which are you asking about?
    about an hour ago 

  • Danielle Zieve what is the one like near karmiel?
    29 minutes ago 

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