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Tel Afek and Yarkon

Afek219.jpgRecommended by: Sonya Brystowski Schreiber
We went to the fortress at Tel Afek park and we had a great day! The price is great - 29 shek per adult and 14 per kid. Under 5 is free. And it's beautiful there - huge park that you can picnic, BBQ, etc, with a lake and some muddy streams that the kids like to walk in. You could bring a ball or other gear and spend hours hanging out over there if you wanted. The whole place is pretty stroller friendly, there are just a bunch of gravel paths that you'll have to walk on. It's nice because you can take some of the side paths and it feels like a hike but its not like you need to walk for an hour to reach the end. It's just simple and fun for everyone. 

As a pesach event, in the fortress were a bunch of booths that were set up like Olympic style competitions. Each family is a team and you can compete for points (if you want to). The arts and crafts booth costs extra but my kids had a blast doing it. You can paint on plaster items for 20-30 shek, or do sand art or other projects. There is a whole section where you can climb and explore the ruins and the kids (and my husband) had so much fun doing it. Its nice because you they have a path that wraps around the ruins area so younger kids or less-adventurous family members can take that route and still join in. There was a booth for drinks and kosher l'pesach (without kitniot) popsicles and they were reasonably priced too. Overall it was a really fun day and I'd recommend it to anyone, especially with kids under 7 or 8.

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We had a lovely few hours at Tel Afek on Friday. Hardly anyone else there...paddled in the lovely streams...so pretty and fun...and we explored up to the fortress. We got the National park booklet - Pekachim Tzeirim which was great for my older kids to get them into it! Free with National Parks Card...think we will be going back before too long!

  • Elisheva Ben Ze'ev where is this

  • Deborah Dickson Tel afek, telaviv - part of the yarkon. put it into waze...20 mins from raanna
  • Nati Veksler Great place! Now I realize that we saw you guys there - just outside the fortress when all the kids needed a snack break.
  • Deborah Dickson LOL! how funny...

  • Gila Leibtag-Rose We were also there Friday! But only did the ruins, didn't get a chance to make it over to the water.

  • Leiah Elbaum Love that place! 

    (Really close to Rosh Ha'ayin rather than Tel Aviv. )

  • Deborah Dickson we parked right by the water...was so nice!

Great day out at Tel Afek National park. Old ruins, freezing cold pools for the kids to swim in, but the little stream is dry at the moment. A good 4 hours of great outdoor fun and it is free with a National Parks card. Lots of shade and picnic tables, but make sure you bring your own food as all the kiosks were closed
  • Judy Elkus Nee Abudarham Yes! We were there today with kids aged 12, 9, 6, 2 and baby. Stayed for 4+ hours. Not quite what it was cracked up to be - a few different 'challenges' eg long jump, horseshoe throwing, building an arch from blocks and building a tower. Also circus sk...See More

  • Judy Elkus Nee Abudarham One last thing - it's at tel afek (part of the yarkon national park which is HUGE) we couldn't find directions online. From the kessem interchange take the 483 (i think!) and after a few minutes you'll be able to see the castle from the road.