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Minkov Orchard Museum

Recommended by: Rhonda Epstein
Minkov Museum  I went with my daughter's ulpan. There is a small museum and the groves. You really need a car to get there on your own. Afterwards, she and I went to the outdoor science museum at Weizman Institute. This was 2 years ago.

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I took the kids to the Minkov Museum in Rehovot today. I called the day before to check that it was a suitable place for their ages (10 and 12). I was assured that the activity today was suitable for their ages and for kids until the age of 15! It was not!!! My kids were the oldest by far and were suitably humiliated  The museum/orchard itself is quite nice to see, and we enjoyed our picnic in the shade there. But don't be fooled when they give age guidelines for organised activities. Pre-Bar Mitzvah boys do not want to make model wells with 3 year olds!

  • Lisa Gold Margolin Oy thanks for the warning!!! (btw did you notice if the 3 and 5 year olds were enjoying themselves :-))
  • Lisa Isaacs They were. As were their parents who were making their models for them  And my 10 year old was reasonably happy. It was just the bad guidance that I had been given that annoyed me. It's better to be honest than to say that activities are good for 3 year olds and teenagers too.
  • Lisa Isaacs Oh, and it wasn't cheap entrance for the size of the place and what we did. Happens...
Kate Stephens Yes, it's lovely.