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Latrun - Armoured Corps Museum - Yad L'Shiryon - יד לשריון לטרון

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Recommended by: Naomi Levi
"Hundreds of tanks to climb on!"

Opening Hours:
Sunday - Thursday - 8:30-16:30
Friday and Erev Chag (Festival Eve) - 8:30-12:30
Saturday and Festivals - 9:00 - 16:00

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Rena Sichel Rosen-How long should I plan to be at latrun? Kids are 10, 7 and 5

Rhonda Kaplowitz Epstein -Tank Museum?

Rena Sichel Rosen - yes

Nati Veksler -I'd say two hours. Aim for a time when it's not super hot because there is little shade.

Rhonda Kaplowitz Epstein - I agree with the 2 hour assessment... no cafe there so bring food and drinks. There is a souvenir shop ( very attractive to children). The staff is extremely nice at the Tank Museum.

Jordana Kofman Schoor- 1 hr

Shira Lewis Rosenfeld -Note that there is a whole section of tanks behind the museum that you don't see when you first get there. Also, a movie inside.
Aaron Hyman -There are a few tanks which have ladders to make it easier to get on to, but most kids find a way to get onto almost all the tanks

Bernice Cohen -suitable for all kids from toddlers upwards.
Michal Mann Gaon asked - Latrun - is there an entrance fee? From what age is the museum appropriate? Besides climbing on tanks, what else is there?

Aaron Hyman- http://www.yadlashiryon.com/ --- there is a fee most days (but i don't remember what it is ). My kid from about 3 loved it as there are plenty of tanks to climb on (although you are only meant to climb on about 4 of them). There is a short film of the history of the tank brigade, there is information about the history of the place, a memorial to those who died

Michal Mann Gaon -‎"most days"? couldn't find it on the site. will try calling in the morn, I guess. thnx

Nati Veksler -We live very close to Latrun - there is a fee, although we became members because it's so close to us. Be aware on these hot days that while there are shady spots, it's quite hot there, so bring lots of water and aim for early/late rather than midday.

Michal Mann Gaon - we live very very close too :-) just were never there. I hear weather is supposed to drop at the beginning of the week, but thnx for the tip. I will plan accordingly.

Tanya Jacobs - It is VERY exposed there. We went on a warm February day and were boiling.Personally I would only go first thing in the morning or after 4:30 or so. (not sure what time it is open until), or wait until the Fall....

Yaelle Marty Gardner -we took all our kids ages 2-16 and they all had a great time as did me and my husband..enjoy

Michal Mann Gaon (May 2014) -well, they close at 5 so we will try early and I'll let you know! Latrun summary- entrance is- adult - 30 shk, kids over 5- 20 shk. but less if you print the 20% discount coupon below.
I wanted to take the kids and thought 9 days would be appropriate. Today was supposed to be the "coolest" day of the week and we came armed with hats and ice water. We got there at 10:00 and had a private tour. Then we saw the movie inside and walked around a little. Not much else there. Sitting in the shade was breezy (today) and very bearable as my kids "played war" on all the tanks outside. We totaled about 4 hours there with lunch, and my son could have continued but his sisters had had enough.

Nati Veksler -Sounds like you made a great day out of it!

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