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Parks / Nature Authority - Reshut Hateva - "Matmon" Membership Card

LoveLoveIsrael is teaming up with the Israel Parks Authority to give you a big discount on their membership card!

Park Membership gives you:
* Free Entrance to Nature Reserves and National Parks
* 6 Park Magazines a Year with Ideas of Where to Visit
* A special price for Tours

Your membership is valid for a year. Visit a few parks or nature reserves with your family and you'll really see the saving! Don't miss out!

Register now and your Membership Card will be mailed to your home within a week. 

Here are the Savings (children = age 5-18):

2 Adults 
& all your Children 
up to age 18
Our Price 399 NIS
Regular Price 446 NIS
2 Adults & 2 Children
Our Price 359 NIS
Regular Price 396 NIS

2 Adults & 1 Child
Our Price 309 NIS
Regular Price 340 NIS

2 Adults
(incl. all your children under age 5)
Our Price 259 NIS
Regular Price 275 NIS
1 Adult + 1 Child
Our Price 239 NIS
Regular Price 248 NIS
Single Card
(1 Adult)
Our Price 169 NIS
Regular Price 181 NIS

Check out the List below to see where you'll get in for free!

Click Below to Order Your Card (credit card processing fee will be charged prior to purchase):

Where you'll get in for free:
(links lead to National Parks Authority website - Hebrew)

Galilee and Golan
Nimrod Fortress National Park, Banias Nature Reserve, Tel Dan Nature Reserve , Nahal Ayun Nature Reserve , Nahal Snir Nature Reserve, Nahal Meshushim - Meshushim River, Hula Nature Reserve patient , Hazor National Park, Yehi'am National Park, Baram National Park, Kursi National Park,  Yehudiya Forest Jewish , nature reserve Gamla Nature Reserve, Chorazim National Park

Sea of Galilee and the Valleys
Hamat Tiberias National Park, Arbel National Park, Nahal Amud Nature Reserve, Majrase, Ein Afek Nature Reserve, National Park Birds , National Park Megiddo , National Park Star of Jordan (Kohav B'Yarden) National Park, Beit Alpha, National Park of Beit Shean

Carmel and Center
National Park CarmelHai Bar Carmel , Nature Reserve River Caves, National Park Beit Shearim , river crocodiles, Caesarea National Park, Apollonia National Park, Yarkon National Park (Afek and sources of the Yarkon), stalactite cave & Nature Reserve, Ashkelon National Park, Ein Hemed National Park, Castel National Park, Beit Guvrin, Herodion National Park, Nebi Samuel National Park, The City of David National Park - Jerusalem Walls.

Dead sea
The Good Samaritan,  National Park of Qumran , Nahal Prat Nature Reserve, Ayanot cliffs (Ein Fasha) Nature Reserve, Ein Gedi National Park and Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, Tel Arad National Park, Masada National Park

Negev and Eilat
Eshkol/Cluster National ParkTel Be'er Sheva National Park, Mamshit National Park, Shivta Shivta National Park, Avdat National Park, Ein Avdat National ParkRamon Visitors Center ,  Hai Ramon , Hai Bar Yotvata Nature ReserveEilat Coral Beach

Plus, a 50% discount at:
Gan Hashlosha (Sahne Park), Tal Forest National ParkAchziv National Park, Beit Yanai beach National Park , Harod Spring, Habonim Beach Nature Reserve , Palmachim Beach National Park.

You can see a list of the regular entrance fee to each Park (Hebrew) here: http://www.parks.org.il/Pages/Price.aspx